Studio Policies


Location: Lessons will take place at Dr. Ten Brink’s Studios at Crown College and North Central University.


These are Christian College campuses. Please treat them as you would walking into a church in terms of appearance and language.


Teaching Year:

Teaching year: This studio schedules in 3 fixed terms containing an average of 15 lessons per term (+/- 1 lesson per term):


Fall: September 3, 2014 through December 19, 2014

Winter: January 5, 2015 through May 8, 2015

Summer: May 11, 2015-August 28, 2015


Studio Closures:

1. Holidays: The studio will be closed for all major U.S. Holidays

2. Snow days: Because the studio is located a college campus, if the University cancels classes due to weather, this studio will be closed as well. Otherwise I will be ready to teach you at your normal time.

3. Illness: If a fever is present or your body is expelling liquids in ways it normally doesn’t, please don’t come to your lesson! However, if you have the sniffles or a mild cold there is much we can do vocally and non-vocally to keep you progressing.

4. Performances: By studying with an active performer you get the benefit of the accumulated knowledge I gain by working with other creative artists in the field! Unfortunately perfuming does then take up a great deal of time. I will let you know as soon as humanly possible if I need to cancel a lesson due to a rehearsal or performance and will try to keep these to a minimum through advanced planning and scheduling. Please see the make-up lesson policy in this event.


Payment policy:

1. Payment is due on the first of the month, or before the first lesson (if starting in the middle of a cycle)

2. Late payment will incur a fee of $25

3. Bounced checks will incur an additional $15 fee